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Water sports at Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua

In Bali, visiting Nusa Dua is almost synonymous with playing water sports or staying in luxurious private resorts. While Tiantian and I did not have the chance to enjoy the latter, we sure did visit Nusa Dua for a half-day water sports trip. However, it was kind of disappointing for us right from the start, as the traffic towards Nusa Dua is especially congested in the morning. It took us…

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White-water rafting at Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja River

“Boom.. boom.. bang!” These were the three words signifying an imminent bump into the river bank. As our raft sped down the gushing white waters, this was the one phrase I secretly wished for. We were cruising fearlessly through wild terrains and tropical jungle. We were breathing in the refreshing air that only pure nature provides, and hearing the crickets chirp with pride in their kingdom. That’s right – we…

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D’Abode Budget Boutique Inn, Sanur

D'Abode Budget Boutique Inn

Navigating through a narrow street of high-end housing estates, we didn’t expect our budget inn – D’Abode Budget Boutique Inn to be located in the midst of such a quiet place. Just a warning: it can be a little difficult locating this inn, but with the correct address and a taxi driver, it should not be much of a problem. Arriving here, the first surprise we had was how close…

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The Opium Bali, Seminyak

Opium Bali

The Opium Bali is the choice for our short stay in the Seminyak region of Bali. Instead of paying sky-high prices of ~US$300/night for boutique villas, we got for ourselves a half-villa and half-homestay experience for only US$60/night. Why do I say its a half-villa, half-homestay experience? Villa The Opium Bali only has 2 rooms for rent, each equipped with a king-size bed with canopy bed drapes. That means there…

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Tegal Sari, Ubud

Tegal Sari Ubud

Staying at Tegal Sari in Ubud was undoubtedly the best choice we have made in our trip to Bali. Living up to the well known fact that Bali is a place to relax, the experience of staying in a villa made it unforgettable for us. Best of all, we felt the price tag that comes with it is very reasonable, at 600,000 + 10% tax (~S$95) / night for one…

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Full day trip to Central Bali

Sightsee 2

On our second day in Ubud, we set off to Central Bali for a full-day sightseeing trip. Central Bali is a mountainous region, boasting the best lakes and temples in the whole of Bali. Our tour included historical temples, a volcano, green rice terraces and vast lakes. Many as it sounds, this trip is barely exhaustive of the sightseeing opportunities abound for visitors. There are many more to choose from…

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