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Sunny Sanya – Day 5


Well, it was our final full day in Sanya, but there was still a plenty of attractions we didn’t go. Despite our original agreement to spend the day with Tiantian’s seniors, they didn’t wake up till the noon. There goes our entire morning. Rawr. Rather than waiting for them, we took things into our own hands and pre-bought a pair of discounted tickets for Tropical Paradise Forest Park 亚龙湾热带天堂森林公园 before…

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Sunny Sanya – Day 4


2011 for us started with a lazy morning spent in our room watching a Taiwanese drama and eating dumplings we had left from the day before. Not a splendid start to the year, but definitely a cosy one. (: After some lazing, we decided to try out one of the many hot springs that Sanya had. We managed to buy a pair of tickets at half price on Taobao to…

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Sunny Sanya – Day 3


Waking up really late (thus missing our free breakfast), we resorted to having instant noodles for breakfast. It was our last day at this seaside inn, as we would be changing accommodation for the next 3 days. To spend the last few hours near our inn, we went kayaking at the sea right in front of our doorsteps. It was a bargain considering the fact that we paid only RMB50!…

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Sunny Sanya – Day 2


Today, we were ready to go fishing and sightseeing at Xidao 西岛, an island off the shores of Sanya Bay. Costing only RMB220, we pre-booked this trip with our inn the day before, after hearing recommendations from the driver that picked us up from the airport. Before we left, we had a really simple breakfast provided by the inn – plain porridge, spicy pickles, boiled egg and meat buns. But…

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Sunny Sanya – Day 1


Welcome to 2011! Tiantian and I have just returned from Sanya 三亚, the second most populous city in Hainan, also commonly known as the Eastern Hawaii. Being in Sanya is about walking on beaches, eating seafood & tropical fruits and spending the evenings watching beautiful sunsets. Fortunately, it has been bright and sunny throughout my entire trip, less the last day of departure… From a traveller’s perspective, Sanya didn’t leave…

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