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Qingdao, the alluring harbour city – Day 3

Qingdao 3

One thing about travelling is that you dread the arrival of the last day. The last day of fun and exploration before I’m back into the boring working life. For the earlier part of the day, we visited Lao Shan (崂山), a legendary mountain by the eastern coast of China, with undulating granite peaks of up to one thousand metres. There are many monuments, historical relics and temples on Lao…

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Qingdao, the alluring harbour city – Day 2

Qingdao 2

Compared to the attraction-packed Day One, our second day was simple and short. We woke up pretty late, and started off our late morning with a visit to Qingdao Polar Ocean World (青岛极地海洋世界). Like the name suggests, it’s a place for all polar animals alike, from my favourite penguins to big polar bears. Though it is not exactly the kind of tourist attraction I would like to visit, it never…

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