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Escape from the city clutter to Xixi Wetlands

Xixi Wetlands

Besides the omnipresent West Lake, another attraction that will satisfy water-scenery lovers would be Xixi National Wetland Park 西溪国家湿地公园, a rare urban wetland located less than 5km from West Lake. The only wetland park in China, Xixi is densely crisscrossed with swamps, lakes and ponds. Yet, rich ecological resources is not the only feature of Xixi – the natural villages signify the history of the area, and the broad open…

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First & last stop: West Lake

West Lake

West Lake 西湖 is the heart of Hangzhou and the emblem of its natural beauty. In the midst of winter, the lake is engulfed in a piece of misty white and dotted with silhouettes of wooden boats. The waters are calm and the air is breezeless. Overlooking the lake, the horizon is but a stretch hilly peaks and dense foliage. To experience the lake, most people opt to be chauffeured…

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[Actual Journey] Hangzhou, once again


Ignoring the business talk between my dad and his business friend, my eyes were fixed on the passing scenery through the windows of the car. I entered the city of Hangzhou 杭州 once again, after my first encounter back in my early childhood. I wondered if it was my memory that failed me or if Hangzhou had really undergo an extreme makeover. Unlike the gravel roads of the past, the…

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