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Beguiling Guilin – Day 4

Guilin 4

We barely had a day in the city area, so we definitely could not miss the symbol of Guilin city, Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山), before leaving. Fortunately, the Elephant Trunk Hill is only a stone’s throw away from our hotel. Despite waking up early, the city area is already bustling with vehicles, small markets along the road and groups of elderly doing their morning exercises. Sounds like a rare sight…

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Beguiling Guilin – Day 3

Guilin 3

After a hot bowl of Guilin Rice Noodles, we departed for our second bamboo raft ride at Yulong River (遇龙河). What makes Yulong River different would be its lusher greenery, shallower waters and a relaxing tranquility, which is good for meditation. (: Having no motor boats does make a difference!   Yulong River (遇龙河) In fact, this ride was more fun than the one at Li River. While sitting on…

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Beguiling Guilin – Day 2

Guilin 2

Waking up to a drizzling morning, our moods were slightly dampened, as we planned to take a boat ride down Li River. Nevertheless, we started off the day with another local delicacy, Guilin Rice Noodles (桂林米粉). The “mi fen” resembles Singapore’s thick bee hoon, but with a softer texture. It is only served with a few pieces of meat, and you can add various pickles and condiments to your liking….

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Beguiling Guilin – Day 1

Guilin 1

Yep, I’m finally back from Guilin and Qingdao, after 9 days of great scenery and interesting experiences! (: You can view our exact travel itinerary, updated after our trip, here on Tripit. On the overall, it has been quite a success – Tiantian and I stuck to most of our plans and lady luck definitely shone on us during certain parts of our travel. As it was a free &…

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